1. Why should I consider an investment advisor?
Time and Expertise – investment success in today's complex, volatile, diverse and interconnected global market demands time, vigilance, expertise and sophistication.

In your relationship with Investment Partners we will work with you to (1) analyze and improve your current financial and investment plans; (2) create a plan if you don't have one, don't know where to start, or are currently simply in need of professional advice; and (3) provide you with ongoing insights into changes in global financial markets in an attempt to match your investments with your risk tolerance.
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2. What are the benefits of an investment advisor and portfolio manager versus us doing it alone?
Peace of mind and Stress Reduction - Investment Partners' goal is to give you peace of mind and stress reduction with a strategic plan built on a foundation of experience.
Even though technology and the internet make us feel that we are somehow better informed, it is difficult to find the time in our busy lives and to garner the education and expertise required to make important financial decisions. These decisions are at the core of our lives - they affect the way we live, where we live, and how we live.

With Investment Partners as your investment advisor and portfolio manager, we listen to what you wish to accomplish and understand your goals in the context of your life. We identify the important issues, address the complexities, and strive to provide suitable investment choices to reach your financial goals. We have the expertise and resources to work on your behalf to help achieve your long-term objectives.
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3. Why choose Investment Partners?

Your choice, whether you are a seasoned investor or one at the beginning of your investment experience, is to find an Investment Advisor and Manager with a firm you can trust; one whose philosophies, principles and practices are compatible with your own.

Team approach: Generally our firm manages and reviews accounts as a team with your goals at the center of the decision-making process. The concept of team management ensures constant attention and careful consideration to details throughout the implementation of the investment strategy we design together.

Confidence: Investment Partners provides the best of modern technology combined with expertise, education and experience. Each principal and employee of our firm is dedicated to applying their diverse skills in providing a level of service that can assist you in achieving your life goals and financial objectives.

Commitment: Our firm has a single purpose: To provide you with focused advice vital to continually improving your financial decision making process. We are committed to becoming your advisor of choice, your partner, in accomplishing your investment objectives.

Objectivity: As an independent company we are able to recommend investment ideas which we believe truly suit our clients' needs.

Independent Research and Analysis: While we may use outside research to confirm ideas, we generally do our own due diligence, assess independent valuation, form opinions, and make decisions and recommendations typically without having the bias that can come from having any ties to the very companies that are recommended.

Accessibility: Our clients never feel that they have to "go it alone." Our foundation is a full-service philosophy, which means accessibility even at a moment's notice. Your interaction and communication with members of our management team is an essential component of our commitment to you.

Results: We feel that our firm’s investment results for managed client portfolios are favorable when evaluated over a long period of time. Our firm does not widely disseminate composite performance numbers for those client accounts, but we may be able to provide you with some general historical data to consider regarding asset classes in a one-on-one setting.

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4. What is your strategy for success in asset management?
Our investment selection criteria have been incorporated into our screening and decision making process.

We prefer two disciplines which have produced exceptional long-term investment returns: value investing and special situation analysis, tyically rounding out an allocation with other styles as well in an attempt to achieve balance and diversificaiton. In those circumstances we tend to utilize valuation metrics which focus on growth at a reasonable price and/or current income production.
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5. The Process: What’s next and how do we start?
The first step is a face to face meeting to determine your short term and long term financial needs and wants. At that first meeting we'll:
• Discuss your financial status and goals
• Assess your risk profile
• Analyze your assets, liabilities, insurance, existing financial plans, annuities, and other relevant information

We recommend; you decide. Based on the information, we'll identify issues and offer recommendations for an investment plan that will meet your goals. We'll:
• Educate you so you can make informed decisions
• Create a customized comprehensive strategic plan for your investments and provide the means to implement it
• Present objective financial and investment advice so you can make intelligent decisions.
We become your financial ally, your investment partner, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your life. Your ability to make better investment decisions becomes the yardstick by which you can measure our effectiveness.
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6. Where will my assets be held?
While our managers are investment adviser representatives at Investment Partners Asset Management, they also hold brokerage licenses with T.R. Winston & Company LLC located in Bedminster NJ There is no ownership affiliation between Investment Partners and T.R. Winton & Company LLC, which is a correspondent of clearing agent Pershing LLC (a wholly-0wned subsidiary of Bank of New York). Clients may hold their assets at any custodian they choose, but in most cases our clients’ assets are held at T.R. Winston’s clearing agent, Pershing LLC. Pershing LLC offers clients the ability to view their accounts online, and there is a link on our homepage to Pershing’s client-login function.
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7. What are the fees?
Since the services we provide each client are unique, we provide various fee arrangements. However, we strive to keep fees and costs reasonable and competitive.

Generally Investment Partners Asset Management's fees are based on a percentage of assets under supervision. Our investment professionals hold their brokerage licenses with T.R. Winston & Company LLC, in Bedminster NJ. T.R. Winton is a correspondent of Pershing LLC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of New York). Depending upon the fee option selected or negotiated, in a number of cases, but not all cases, the cost of trading commissions may be offset against the advisory fee.  Rates may vary on a case by case basis. If you are a brokerage-only client of our team within T.R. Winston & Company LLC, commissions are also negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Of course, we can and will discuss any fees with you in advance as we ascertain your needs and develop your plan.
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8. What happens if we encounter an unexpected life change?
Should something happen such as loss of job, illness, disability, divorce, or death of a loved one, we will likely recommend the appropriate adjustments to your portfolio and plan. We believe that with professional assistance you can have a greater degree of control over your financial future.
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