Other Services

In addition to traditional asset management of client accounts, through our subsidiary Investment Partners Capital & Management, we offer a broad range of other services including consulting; research; administrative support; and assistance with financial and estate planning matters. Our goal in these efforts remains precisely the same: to provide each client with unbiased trusted advice to make informed decisions.

Services Overview

Investment Partners uses an integrated approach to working with you on your financial well-being. Our services cover the following key areas:

Research, Analysis, and Consulting

Investment Partners provides research, advisory, consulting, and administrative services for a diverse group of clients, including both individuals and corporations. Since we tend to conduct our own research and due diligence to form opinions on the companies that make up many of the clients’ portfolio holdings, we are familiar with the subtleties of securities analysis and capital market dynamics. We therefore welcome consulting opportunities in the areas of valuation studies, capital formation alternatives, shareholder enhancement programs, litigation support, and other research projects.

Integrated Financial & Estate Planning Assistance

Through goal setting and planning for wealth creation, Investment Partners provides clients with independent investment advice rendered with competence, care, and consideration. Ancillary to that diligent investment advisory process, generally in conjunction with accountants, lawyers, and others, from time to time we may assist in estate and inheritance planning, the design of intergenerational wealth transfer programs, tax advice, estate settlement, and other services. The firm’s principals are particularly attuned to the special needs of closely-held family businesses and understand their uniqueness. We remain ready to collaborate closely with our clients and their outside professionals to ensure that investment plans support their overall financial outlook, tax picture, and lifestyle. We use modern, up-to-date financial tools as well as our depth of experience to help clients understand the various alternatives to build long-term wealth and minimize taxes.

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