Investment Partners Group is primarily engaged in the practice of wealth management through our subsidiary, Investment Partners Asset Management – an S.E.C. Registered Investment Advisor. We are dedicated to the pursuit of preserving and growing client capital, seeking rates of return appropriate with client risk level, generating ideas in accordance with client-guided plans, and endeavoring to earn your trust over time.

Investment Partners Asset Management at a Glance


Founded in 1995
Registered with the U.S. S.E.C.
Fee-based Investment Advisor*
Office in Central New Jersey

Active Investment Management

Our experienced team actively manages investments to take advantage of opportunities as financial markets and economic trends evolve. While our focus is generally on the “Value” and “Growth-at-a-Reasonable-Price (GARP)” approaches to investing, we build diversified portfolios utilizing multiple styles and asset classes. Client investments typically include a combination of equities, fixed income, various types of funds, and ETFs. While one of our goals is to maximize growth while minimizing volatility, we seek to align our investment solutions to the ever-changing marketplace and our clients’ dynamic investment objectives.

Alignment of Interest, Independent & Objective

Our Registered Investment Adviser strives to be transparent in both our fees and our investment process. Our first priority is simply to help our clients achieve their financial goals, and our approach establishes a clear relationship, whereby our success is aligned with our clients’ success. We attempt to use objective research in securities selection – taking into account many sources of data and perspectives when creating client portfolios.

* Investment Partners Asset Management is a fee-based advisory firm.  However, in certain circumstances, employees and affiliates may receive compensation from various products and services offered to clients outside of the firm’s typical asset management function. Please read Investment Partners Asset Management’s disclosure statement ADV Part 2A for detailed description of client fee arrangements, charges, and expenses.